Arduino airsoft time bomb


Hello world! Today i made a ARDUINO AIRSOFT TIME BOMB, pretty easy to build. Be creative!

Take a look at the video to see the ARDUINO AIRSOFT TIME BOMB at work.

Arduino airsoft time bomb
Parts list:
Arduino UNO
Potentiometer (+ knob optional)
On/Off switch
1 Channel relay
lcd 1602 – Blue Backlight
4×4 Keypad
2x Red leds, 1x green led.
2x 220 Ohm (220 R) resistors
A set of MM FF MF Jumper wires
Female Power jack & adapter (optional) (You can also add batterys of course)
2 buttons for C & D(optional)
1 button for reset (optional)
Alarm Strobe? Alarm Sound?

(i used male and female audio plugs to connect the lamp)

The code in this ARDUINO AIRSOFT TIME BOMB has multiple tabs. So you need to add each code to a NEW tab.

Code: (Name it “Airsoft time bomb”.)

Code part 2: (Name it “Domination”.)

Code part 3: (Name it “Keys”.)

Code part 4: (Name it “Lang”.)

Code part 5: (Name it “Memory”.) this code is commented by default.

Code part 6: (Name it “Menu”.)

Code part 7: (Name it “Sabotage”.)

Code part 8: (Name it “Search and destroy”.)

Code part 9: (Name it “Splash”.)

Code part 10: (Name it “Zutils”.)

Good luck building your ARDUINO AIRSOFT TIME BOMB!


  • Marc Van Puyenbroeck says:

    how do i get in the setup menu i the code i can see there are é menus

    • Its in the codes, you can change language at the LANG code. The rest can be found in the menu code. Just read the code and try to understand the menu code and you will see what you want to do, you can add the second menu or totally change the menu options.

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