Arduino Button module KY-004 – arduino DOORBELL

Hello world! Today i made a example for the Arduino Button module KY-004.
Lets say its a very annoying doorbell. 🙂 But it works. You can set different tones.
This button module is handy for many stuff, of course this code is just simple and gives you a idea on how the button module works.

KY-004 button module, Arduino Button module KY-004

Parts list:
Arduino uno.
KY-004 Button module.
Set of jumper wires MM/FF/MF.


//Arduino Button module KY-004
//Hello world! This time i made a very simple example on how to use a button.
//the KY-004 button module is very easy to use and requires just a small code.

int Buzzer = 3 ;
int Button = 10; 
boolean val ;

// here i set up the tones, you can change them @ void loop.
int tones[] = {261, 277, 293, 311, 329, 349, 369, 392, 415, 440, 466, 493, 523 ,554};
//              1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   11   12   13   14
// You can add more tones but i added 14. Just fill in what tone you would like to use, @ void loop you see " tone(Buzzer, tones[12]); " below,  digitalWrite(Buzzer, HIGH);
// here you can change the tones by filling in a number between 1 and 14

void setup ()
  pinMode (Buzzer, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode (Button, INPUT);
    //Part of buzzer tones
  for (int i = 0; i < Buzzer; i++)  ;   
void loop ()
  val = digitalRead (Button); 
    if (val == 0)  
    digitalWrite (Buzzer, HIGH);
    tone(Buzzer, tones[14]);
    digitalWrite (Buzzer, LOW);
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