Arduino Carbon Monoxide detector Alarm

Hello world! This was my very first arduino project, a Arduino Carbon Monoxide detector.
It’s a simple arduino gas alarm that can turn of you central heating for example by using a relay.

!NOTE! I tested this Arduino Carbon Monoxide detector with a lighter as you can see in the video.
You should fully test your device before installing it in your home.
You can add any sensor that you like and turn of any device you like.
I advise to use a quality sensor, that you know for sure will detect Carbon monoxide.
My device is just a prototype to show you how to build it.
I used the MQ9 sensor ordered from china to build this Arduino Carbon Monoxide detector.

Parts List:
Arduino UNO
Keyes 3 color RGB Ky-016
mq9 Carbon Monoxide Sensor or other.
1 Channel relay Ky-019
Jumper Wires.

Arduino Carbon Monoxide detector


Buy sensors here:

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