Arduino Flame Sensor Alarm using KY-026

Hello world! in this little instructable i will show how to use the KY-026 Arduino Flame Sensor as a alarm.
It’s multifunctional, for example you can use it to alarm you that your racing cars brakes are getting Red Hot.
Or use it with a sprinkler attached to it when it senses flames for example flames with no smoke, so a smoke detector cannot be used, it will also detect much quicker then a smoke alarm. It’s Just an example. Anyways it has use for many things, like deactivating a fuel line such as a propane or a natural gas line, and activating a fire suppression system. It could also notify you that a flame is still there for some industrial purposes.. so much more i think.

To turn a device on or off is easy to do in the code.

I just made this code for the Arduino Flame Sensor quickly for this Instructable, you can play with it a bit.

arduino flame sensor

Parts list:
Arduino uno. I used the RobotDyn Uno, a real good chinese copy with 7 analog pins.
Relay Ky-019
Flame Sensor Ky-026
red & green led.
Push button for reset (optional)
Lamp with fitting and power cable to connect to the relay to test the alarm, or just an alarm strobe (optional)
Bunch of MM FF FM Jumper wires.


Good luck with building the Arduino Flame Sensor alarm!

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