Arduino Home automation with 8 channel relay

Hello world! Today i made a Arduino Home automation system with a 8 channel relay
check out the video below!

Arduino Home automation

You need to include the SPI and Ethernet Libraries.
You probably need to change the IP Address and gateway. Subnet will be as it is in most cases.
You can find this below on the top of the code to change IP and gateway.

To find out what your gateway
Select Start > Run. Type command into the dialog box, then click OK.In the command line window, type ipconfig /all.
Here you will find your gateway.

To find the control panel. Just go to the IP adress you assigned to the Ethernet Shield in your browser, phone or tablets browser. From here you can Control each relay. Good luck with your Arduino Home automation system.

Parts list:
Arduino Mega
8 channel relay
w5100 ethernet shield

The code:

Buy sensors here:

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