Arduino Home control Bluetooth HC-06

Arduino Home control.

Hello world! Today i made a Arduino Home control Bluetooth HC-06 device with 2 relays and a hc-06 Bluetooth module
to use it as a voice control system. You can use this app to control it-> (CLICK HERE FOR THE APP) You can set any word in the code as long as the language of your phone recognizes it.

bluetooth voice control, Arduino Home control

(NOTE: the schematic show the relays connected to 3.3v
these should be connected to 5v, Only the HC-06 needs to be connected to 3.3v

Also make sure not to have the bluetooth connected when uploading the code!

Parts list:
Arduino uno.
HC-06 Bluetooth Module. (You can also use the HC-05)
2 x 1 channel relay KY-019
Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
Lamp socket + Power cable (Optional)


Author: Danny van den Brande,, BlueCore Tech.
Voice control for 2 relays. You can add more relays if needed.
This code only controls 2 lamps or devices. Just copy/paste the "COPY/PASTE SECTION" that i made.

String voice;

#define relay1 2    
#define relay2 3 // You can add more relays if needed like this.
//#define relay3 4 // Just uncomment these lines to use more relays 
//#define relay4 5 // i set up 3 extra for you.  

void setup()
  pinMode(relay1, OUTPUT);  
  pinMode(relay2, OUTPUT);//uncomment these lines when using more relays.
//  pinMode(relay3, OUTPUT);
//  pinMode(relay4, OUTPUT);     
void loop()
    char c =;   
    if (c == '#'){
    voice += c;                //Means voice = voice + c
    if (voice.length() >0)
      if(voice == "*alles aan"){ //dont remove the *
        digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH);// This will turn on everything.
        digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH);
//        digitalWrite(relay3, HIGH);
//        digitalWrite(relay4, HIGH);
      else if(voice == "*alles uit"){// This will turn off everything.
        digitalWrite(relay1, LOW);
        digitalWrite(relay2, LOW);
//        digitalWrite(relay3, LOW);
//        digitalWrite(relay4, LOW);
      else if(voice == "*woonkamer aan"){ //you can fill in whatever you want.
        digitalWrite(relay1, HIGH);
      else if(voice == "*woonkamer uit"){
        digitalWrite(relay1, LOW);
      else if(voice == "*keuken aan"){    //paste from here to add more relays.
        digitalWrite(relay2, HIGH);
      else if(voice == "*keuken uit"){
        digitalWrite(relay2, LOW);
      }                                   //Paste to here to add more relays.


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