Arduino IR Remote Home Control KY-022

Hello World!, I created a Arduino IR Remote Home Control using the HX1838 IR Remote and the KY-022 IR Receiver.
I added some relays to it which act as rooms, devices, or lamps, and a 3 color rgb led which act like a Led strip.
+ a simple buzzer for no reason at all! 🙂 check the following step.

Arduino IR Remote Home Control KY-022

Parts list:
IR Remote HX1838
IR Receiver module KY-022
RGB Led Module KY-016
4 Relays KY-019
Set of Jumper wires MM/FF/MF
Lamp fittings + lamps (Optional)
Arduino UNO, I used RobotDyn UNO a chinese copy with 7 analog pins.


Good luck building your Arduino IR Remote Home Control.

Danny van den Brande

Programmer, Game Designer, 3D Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer. Jup this website looks crappy.. :) But enjoy the projects! Everything you need is here.

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