Arduino Joystick led control KY-023 joystick

Hello world! Today i made a simple example on how to use the KY-023.
We are going to control a RGB Module and a 7 color Led Module.
You can add anything else like Servos, relays, or whatever come in your mind.
The Joysticks are pretty easy to use, and the code is easy to modify.
You can use this joystick to control your rc car, plane, drone or whatever you wanna control with it.
Its pretty easy to add electronics to this joystick just simply modify the code.
I suggest to play around with leds a bit before you start building something else in order to understand the code.
Let’s build a Arduino Joystick led control.

ky-032 joystick, Arduino Joystick led control

Parts list:
Arduino uno, I used the RobotDyn Uno. one with 7 analog pins! Very good stuff…
KY-023 Joystick module
KY-016 RGB led module (You can also use separate leds of course.)
KY-034 7 Color led module. ( Also here you can add any led.)
Set of jumper wires MM/FF/MF


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