arduino laser alarm – cheap Multi functional!

Hello world! I created a little arduino laser alarm from a laser Emitter and a Laser receiver.
I used the ky-008 laser and the laser receiver i used is called ky-008-2 on my website.
Officially it is not called ky-008-2 but any receiver will do.
The device is multi functional, i left some ideas in the code.

The code is just a basic code but from here you can build many cool stuff.
So with the code you got the basics to build a arduino laser alarm.

arduino laser alarm

Parts list:
Arduino Uno, (I used a copy which has 7 analog pins, a quality new model from 2016 called RobotDyn Uno.)
1 Channel relay ky-019
Laser Sender ky-008
Laser receiver ky-008-2 (i used ky-008-2 on my website as product code, i dont know the official code)
7 color led ky-034
A set of Jumper wires. MM / FF / FM
A power cable and a lamp fitting + lamp connected to the relay (optional)


Good luck building your arduino laser alarm.

Danny van den Brande

Programmer, Game Designer, 3D Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer. Jup this website looks crappy.. :) But enjoy the projects! Everything you need is here.

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