Arduino Mercury Switch ky-027 TILT ALARM

Hello world! Today i made a example on what you could to with the Arduino Mercury Switch ky-027. Also known as the Magic Light cup in the arduino world (still not sure why they call it that) Anyways it is a mercury switch with Leds attached to it, nothing more. This example shows you how to make a tilt alarm. When you tilt left or right the Lamps will flash.

Ky-027 tilt alarm mercury switch, Arduino Mercury Switch ky-027

Parts list: (Note: The KY-027 sensors come in pairs, you need 2.)
Arduino uno.
KY-027 Mercury switch Module SET(Sold & Known as the Magic Light Cup)
KY-019 2 x 1 channel relay (You can use a 2 channels relay to.)
Jumper wires MM/FF/MF.
Lamp socket + lamp and power cable. (Optional)


Danny van den Brande

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