Arduino Panic Alarm app BLUETOOTH android

Arduino Panic Alarm app

Hello world! Today and yesterday i made a Arduino Panic Alarm app, I wanted to make a voice app to turn on and off a alarm with arduino, but the result became this panic alarm app, hopefully useful to save some people.
You can setup 5 numbers of family, friends or other important numbers, this app is very handy for disabled people in trouble who live alone, sick people, people with serious panic attacks, or girls that are in danger etc. etc. check the video to see how it works, You don’t have to setup the numbers everytime of course because it saves to the apps database, Its very easy to build!

HC-06 android panic alarm, Arduino Panic Alarm app BLUETOOTH android

I am also trying to make it work so you can set and change the voice commands. Now the commands are set in the APPS code. If you want the open source code for the app just ask!

Below are the Arduino Panic Alarm app commands.
alarm on
alarm off (Only works for testing without alarm attached to relay, of course this does not work when the alarm is triggered and making noise.

Voice panic alarm arduino

Just wire it up like the schematic. Make sure you set TXD to RX and RXD to TX.
Also make sure not to have the bluetooth connected when uploading the code!

Parts list:
Arduino uno, Any copy will do. I used the RobotDyn Uno.
HC-06 Bluetooth module.
KY-019 Relay.
Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
12 volt alarm + adapter.
Couple of sim cards and phones or just friends to test it. (Just Optional)

NOTE: You don’t need the Device. The APPs SMS & Call functions work without it to.


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