Arduino Serial Monitor APP android BLUETOOTH

Arduino Serial Monitor APP
Hello world! Today i made a Android app that simply reads values or text that are printed to the arduino serial using the bluetooth module HC-06/05 or any other modules. You don’t need to set anything in the arduino code. Just simply Serial.println(); will display the value or text in the android app. You can use it for many things.
Go to GOOGLE PLAY to download my APP. If you want the source of the app you can contact me.

HC-06 arduino temperature sensor, Arduino Serial Monitor APP

serial monitor app, Arduino Serial Monitor APP

make sure not to have the bluetooth connected when uploading the code!

Parts list:
Arduino uno, or any copy will do. i used the RobotDyn Uno.
Set of jumper wires. MM/FF/MF
HC-06 Bluetooth module.
Android Phone.


Arduino Serial Monitor APP.
Author: Danny van den Brande., BlueCore Tech.
This code is written as example for my Serial Monitor APP on Google Play.
The app simply displays any value or text on your android smartphone.

void setup() {
  Serial.println("BlueCore Tech Serial Monitor APP for Arduino");


void loop() {

  Serial.println("Created by: Danny van den Brande ");
Danny van den Brande

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