Arduino Temp humidity DHT11 LCD 1602A

Hello world! Today i made another example for one of the bunch of sensor that i have.
This time i made a simple weather station with the Arduino Temp humidity sensor DHT11 (ky-015) and the LCD 1602A.
If you are using a I2C on the LCD screen i already set the lines in the CODE for you.
Just follow the steps in the Code to make it work with a I2C, make sure you set the Right I2C address in the code.
Here are the most common I2C addresses.
i2C Addresses:
PCF8574 = 0x20,
PCF8574A = 0x38,
PCF8574AT = 0x3F

ky-015, dht11, Arduino Temp humidity, lcd1602

Parts list:
Arduino Uno, I used a RobotDyn Uno which has 7 analog pins instead of 5.
Potentiometer 10k
KY-015 dht11
LCD 1602A (You do not need a I2C on it, by default the code is without I2C)
set of Jumper wires MM/FF/MF.


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