Arduino Touch sensor switch KY-036

Hello world! Here we go again!… I made another example on one of the sensors i got.
This time i made a example for the KY-036 Arduino Touch sensor.

ky-036 touch sensor, Arduino Touch sensor

Parts list:
Arduino Uno.
3 Color led Module KY-016 (other separate leds will do to)
Touch sensor Module KY-036
set of Jumper wires MM/FF/MF


Author: Danny van den brande, BlueCore Tech.
In this example we use the KY-036 Touch sensor to turn on a led and buzzer.
int GreenLed = 5;
int BlueLed = 6;
int Buzzer = 7;
int TouchSensor = 3; 
int val;

void setup ()
pinMode (GreenLed, OUTPUT);
pinMode (BlueLed, OUTPUT);
pinMode (Buzzer, OUTPUT);
pinMode (TouchSensor, INPUT);
void loop ()
val = digitalRead (TouchSensor) ;
if (val == HIGH) 
digitalWrite (BlueLed, HIGH);
digitalWrite (GreenLed, LOW);
digitalWrite (Buzzer, HIGH);
digitalWrite (BlueLed, LOW);
digitalWrite (GreenLed, HIGH);
digitalWrite (Buzzer, LOW);
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