Soil moisture sensor Automatic Plant Watering System

Hello world! Today i got a new Gold coated soil moisture sensor for my website and i wanted to test it of course, this sensor is a bit better then the regular on the market and the previous ones i used, the sensor is coated with gold which make them last way longer. You can add something that opens and closes with the servo to deliver a stream of water automatic, when the soil is moist enough again the device will close again.


  • Wire.h

lcd-1602a plat watering system Soil moisture sensor

Just wire it up like the schematic upload the code and it should work, if your servo is acting weird try to put a 450 uF capacitor between VCC and GND of the servo, like the schematic. Make sure you connect the white side which has a – on it to GND. The long leg is +.

Parts list:
Arduino uno, I always use the RobotDyn Uno.
Soil moisture sensor Gold Coated.
Servo motor
LCD 1602 With I2C
Jumper wire set MM/FF/MF
Small breadboard or proto board to add a Capacitor between VCC and GND of the Servo. (optional)
Capacitor 450 uF (Optional)


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