7 Segment Display DHT11 Temp Sensor

Hello world! Today i made a simple Temperature & Humidity Meter with the TM1637 7 Segment Display & DHT11 temp sensor.

This is very easy to build, I made it because i have no temperature meter at the attic. SO a simple cheap option is to build this simple device with arduino. Work pretty accurate!

TM1637, 7 Segment Display DHT11 Temp Sensor TM1637

Simply wire it up as the Schematic shows, and upload the code.
Make sure you have the below Libraries installed, click them to download.
#include “dht.h
#include “TM1637.h library

Parts list:
Arduino uno, I used the RobotDyn Uno. (has 8 analog pins)
TM1637 7 Segment 4 Digit Display.
DHT11 KY-015 Temperature sensor.
Jumper wires Set MM/MF/FF


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