Arduino RGB Led Control With POTENTIOMETERS

Hello world! Today i made a Arduino RGB Led Control project which is fun for kids to learn Electronics and how to control a RGB led. We are using a Solderless breadboard!
The complete Fritzing file + PCB Files & Fritzing file are included below as downloads.
RGB led Control with POTENTIOMETERS.fzz

PCB files.
With the PCB files you can make your own Printed Circuit Board for your Arduino RGB Led Control.!
You can send those files to a company or individual who produces PCB’s, you can order them through fritzing to.
Another way to make your own PCB’s is etching HOW TO ETCH? <-click here to find out how. Schematic:
Arduino RGB Led Control
Simply wire everything like the schematic shows, upload the code and it should work!

Parts list:
arduino nano, (Arduino Uno will do to! or others.)
3 Potentiometers
3 x 1k Resistor
RGB Led Common Cathode, Or Common Anode. You can use the KY-016 RGB Led Module to
Jumper wires set MM

Common Anode & Common Cathode RGB leds explanation.
Check if you are using a Common Anode or Common Cathode RGB Led
If you led does not light up when connected to GND, Try connecting it to 5v.
Add common anode to 5v and Common Cathode to GND.
The longest pin on the RGB Led is the Cathode or Anode pin.
If it does not work on GND it is a Anode.
If it does not work on 5v it is a Cathode.

Good luck building your Arduino RGB Led Control!


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