TFT LCD 2-4 TEMP humidity Monitor

Hello world! Today i made a Temp & Humidity Monitor with a DHT11 Sensor & the TFT LCD 2-4 Shield on a arduino Mega. Its shows Fahrenheit & celsius, Also for both Heat Indexes are displayed.
Follow the next step for the Code, Schematic, Libraries & Parts list.
You need 3 Libraries. They are included in the downloads.


Just wire the DHT11 Like the Schematic shows, and plug on the TFT LCD 2.4 on top of the Arduino Mega.
Make sure you download and install the libraries, and Upload the code and you have yourself a nice cheap
to build Temp & Humidity monitor.

Parts list:
Arduino Mega
2.4 TFT LCD SPFD5408 (Aliexpress got them very cheap)
DHT11 Temperature sensor. KY-015
Jumper wires

Download library here:


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