Hello world! Today i Soldered a VelleMan K5600R DIY kit from – The K5600R Advertisement Led Display. My plan is to put a arduino on it and the Bluetooth Module HC-06 & a APP to control the effects and power!. I will show you How to build the arduino/ Bluetooth part in the next video about the K5600R this part is about building the Display itself. You need to do some soldering and have knowledge about electronics. No need to program this. A MultiMeter would be handy, only i did not use one cuz i dont have one.

Where to get the Velleman K5600R DIY Kit?

Stuff needed?
A soldering Iron and some Soldering skills.
Soldering tin. Make sure you have enough and use about 0.5 to 1 mm Soldering tin.
MultiMeter. Could be handy.
The Velleman K5600R.

I attached the Instructions on how to build it to these Downloads below.

Danny van den Brande

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