Android spy phone Convert old android into spy phone

Convert old android into Spy Phone, android spy phone
Hello world!
Convert old android into android spy phone! Works with sms commands! Just hide your phone somewhere, plug it into a USB Charger if you want to use it for long periods. You can also hide it somewhere without a Charger but the phone will drain the battery, because when the app is open the phone will Stay awake/Standby. So hiding it without charger will only work for as long as your battery works. The commands. sms “Call me” and the Phone will call you. (You can listen to what is happening at home for example.) sms “Record” to start recording sound. sms “Stop” to stop recording. sms “Shutdown” and the app will close. Google Play removed this app because it violates their terms, so get it here: (make sure to set your phone to install from unkown sources.)

Get it here (not open source but FREE):

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