Arduino ALARM STROBE With Sound using Nano

Hello world! I had a broken alarm strobe bought in china and i thought today i am going to fix it with a Arduino Nano and make a Arduino ALARM STROBE, Now it also has sound. I removed the original PCB because some copper parts fell off, so i made my own PCB for the leds with a prototype PCB Board. Wanna build it yourself?
I did not use resistors but you should use some resistors on the leds.

On the bottom of the Arduino ALARM STROBE enclosure i placed 2 wires for GND & VIN. I connected the Red wire to VIN & the Black to GND on the arduino Nano, and connected a 12v Adapter.

It does not make allot of sound, but i want to use it for intruder detection and add a PIR sensor to it so this small alarm triggers and i know something is moving in front of my door.


Parts list:
Arduino Nano.
6 Leds. (Short pin on led is ground.)
PCB ProtoType Board (I used 5×7 cm)
Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
6 Resistors (Value is up to you, I did not use them!)
Breadboard (optional)
alarm strobe enclosure, (I used a broken one you can buy it here) very cheap!
9 Volt to 12 Volt Adapter.

Good luck! You Can change Tones in the code! And program your Arduino ALARM STROBE!


Danny van den Brande

Programmer, Game Designer, 3D Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer. Jup this website looks crappy.. :) But enjoy the projects! Everything you need is here.

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