Convert 1 channel Monitor to 4 channel monitor

Hello world! Today i converted a 1 channel Monitor to 4 channel monitor by using arduino, it has a keypad plus access code, Default code is 1234. We use 4 Relays to control 4 CCTV cameras. I had this old monitor laying around dusting away and i decided to make a circuit on a prototype board to put my old monitor back in use, since i have 4 wired cameras and this monitor can only take 1 wired cam, i made some kind of splitter from a couple of DVR Cables from a broken EasyCap USB Dvr box, Arduino, a 4×4 keypad, a 4 channel relay module and a old Monitor that had 4 wireless cameras by default, this way i converted a 1 channel Monitor to 4 channel monitor.

NOTE: You can also do this with your tv of course!

Schematic 1:
1 channel Monitor to 4 channel monitor

Schematic 2:
1 channel Monitor to 4 channel monitor
Just wire it up like the schematic & Upload the code!

Parts list:
Arduino uno
4 Channel Relay Module
4×4 Keypad
PCB Prototype board, Or breadboard.
Jumper wire set MM/FF/MF
Leds, 1x red 1x green. Or Whatever color you like.
Buzzer (optional for key press sound)
Old 1 Channel monitor Or just your TV.
5 DVR Video Cables The yellow ones,(Red ones can be used to! I used a red one 2.. Doesn’t make a difference, white can be used to.)
And of course 4 wired cameras!

For the DVR cables:
Simply cut the DVR Cables in half or as long as you want them.
You will see a white and red wire, at least in my case it was. White is – (Cathode) Red is + (Anode)
Connect it like the schematic shows. Put it on a breadboard or solder it to a PCB Prototype Board.
It is very easy! Good luck with converting a 1 channel Monitor to 4 channel monitor!


 Author: Danny van den Brande. BlueCore Tech.
 Hello world! This code is made to put a 
 access code/password protection on your dangerous machines in the garage/work place for example.
 To protect your kids from the danger that might lurk in your garage, without the code.
 power cannot be turned on. Hide it in a box with that you can lock on the wall
 and add a little safery to your garage. Of course it can be used to turn on/off anything.
#include <Keypad.h> 
#include <Password.h> 
int relay1 = 2; 
int relay2 = 3; 
int relay3 = 4;
int relay4 = 5; 
int buzzer = 11;

int noAccesled = 9; 
int AccesLed = 10; 
int noAcces = 1;
int passinput = 0;
long flashvarled = 0; 
long flashtimeled = 300;  
const byte ROWS = 4;
const byte COLS = 4;
char keys[ROWS][COLS] = {
byte rowPins[ROWS] = {
  12, 13, A5, A4};
byte colPins[COLS] = {
  A3, A2, A1, A0};
Keypad keypad = Keypad( makeKeymap(keys), rowPins, colPins, ROWS, COLS );
Password password = Password("1234"); // change the access code here
void setup(){
  pinMode(relay1, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(relay1, 255);
  pinMode(relay2, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(relay2, 255);
  pinMode(relay3, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(relay3, 255);
  pinMode(relay4, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(relay4, 255);
  pinMode(noAccesled, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(noAccesled, 255);
  pinMode(AccesLed, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(AccesLed, 0);
  pinMode(buzzer, OUTPUT);
void loop(){
  char key = keypad.getKey();
      unsigned long currentvarled = millis();
      if(currentvarled - flashvarled > flashtimeled) {
        flashvarled = currentvarled;
        digitalWrite(noAccesled, !digitalRead(noAccesled));
      digitalWrite(noAccesled, 255);
    digitalWrite(AccesLed, 0);
  if (key != NO_KEY){
    passinput = 1;
    digitalWrite(buzzer, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(buzzer, LOW);
    if(key == '*'){
      passinput = 0;
      noAcces = 1;
      digitalWrite(relay1, 1);
      digitalWrite(relay2, 1);
      digitalWrite(relay3, 1);
      digitalWrite(relay4, 1);
    if(password.evaluate()) {
      noAcces = !noAcces; 
      passinput = 0;
    if(!noAcces) {
      passinput = 0;
      digitalWrite(noAccesled, 0);
      digitalWrite(AccesLed, 255);
      switch (key) {
        case 'A':
          digitalWrite(relay1, !digitalRead(relay1));
        case 'B':
          digitalWrite(relay2, !digitalRead(relay2));
        case 'C':
          digitalWrite(relay3, !digitalRead(relay3));
        case 'D':
          digitalWrite(relay4, !digitalRead(relay4));
Danny van den Brande

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