Arduino Voltmeter – Homemade DIY voltmeter

Hello world! Today i made a simple Arduino Voltmeter, It’s pretty easy to build and very handy if you don’t have one.. like me. I never used a multimeter in non of my projects lol. I should buy one! I needed to repair a laptop charger for a friend but i could not test it because all my laptops had different plugs, so i made this. Have fun with it! If you have a I2C on your LCD1602A, scroll to the bottom of the page, there is the code for those who use i2C.

Arduino Voltmeter
Just wire it up like the schematic, and it should work after uploading. You need to solder the resistors to a prototype board, or you can use a breadboard of course. It’s pretty easy to build. Good luck building your Arduino Voltmeter!

Parts list:
Arduino uno, i used the RobotDyn Uno. (has 8 analog pins)
LCD 1602
Breadboard or a PCB ProtoType Board.
10k Potentiometer.
5x 10k Resistor
2x 2.2k Resistor
Jumper wire set MM/FF/FM


I2C Code:

Danny van den Brande

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