arduino 433mhz Wireless Transmitter & Receiver

Hello world! Today i made a example for the FS1000A arduino 433mhz Wireless Transmitter and receiver set. I am testing these for my website and will set them for sale on the website soon. The example shows you how to turn on a relay, led and buzzer with a button using 433Mhz wireless communication. You could use this example as a panic alarm! You wear the remote on you, hit the button and alarm will go off. Simply add a alarm strobe with sound to the relay for example.

PS: Check if it legal to operate a 433MHz frequency in your country.

This is the set i used:
arduino 433mhz

Schematic Transmitter:
arduino 433mhz

Schematic Receiver:
arduino 433mhz

Parts list:
2x Arduino uno.
FS1000A Transmitter & receiver set (add 17cm antennas, i used jumper wires.)
KY-019 1 channel relay
1 x LED color of your choice.
1 x button Module KY-004
Jumper wires set MM/FF/MF
(optional) Lamp socket + lamp/Alarm strobe

Transmitter Code:

Receiver Code:

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