Arduino COLOR sensor TCS230 / TCS2300

Hello world! Today i made a Arduino COLOR sensor/ Recognizer with arduino and the TCS2300 /TCS230 color sensor. It simply reads the values of the Sensor and prints it to the serial monitor, this sensor can be used for a Color sorting machine for example. The code is very small. We are using a library which makes the values pretty accurate. Follow the next link for the Schematic code and parts list.

NOTE: It also detects other colors then RGB. Only i seen yellow is not very accurate.

Arduino COLOR sensor
Just wire it up like the schematic, See below how to wire it up if you cannot read the schematic.
The text on the schematic is a bit unreadable for some i can imagine.
vcc > 5v
SO > D3
S1 > D4
S2 > D5
S3 > D6
OUT > D2

Parts list:
Arduino uno.
Color sensor TCS2300 / TCS230 (soon for sale on my site)
Jumper wire set.

Good luck! Download the Library here:


#include <TCS3200.h>

//Arduino COLOR sensor
uint8_t RGBvalue[3];

TCS3200 colSens;

void setup()

void loop()
  colSens.getRGB (RGBvalue);
  //colSens.getRGBtoMaxCorrection (RGBvalue);

    Serial.print("C:\t"); Serial.print(1000);
      Serial.print("\tR:\t"); Serial.print(RGBvalue[0]);
      Serial.print("\tG:\t"); Serial.print(RGBvalue[1]);
      Serial.print("\tB:\t"); Serial.print(RGBvalue[2]);
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