NRF25L01 2.4ghz Wireless

NRF24L01 2.4Ghz Wireless Relay Switch

NRF24L01 2.4Ghz Wireless Relay Switch
Hello world! Today i made a Wireless switch with the NRF25L01 2.4ghz Wireless Module. I used a nano in the video for the transmitter but you can change it to a uno if you don’t have a nano.

Schematic Transmitter:
NRF25L01 2.4ghz Wireless

Schematic Receiver:
NRF25L01 2.4ghz Wireless

Wire it up like the above schematics, The Schematic with the NANO is for the TRANSMITTER and the Schematic with the UNO is for the RECEIVER.

MAKE SURE that you have installed the following libraries. Download RF24.h Here


Parts list:
Arduino UNO for receiver
Arduino Nano for transmitter ( You can use 2 nano’s, or 2 Uno’s to if prefered.. i just used a nano cuz its nice and small)
NRF24L01 2.4 Ghz Wireless Module.
KY-019 1 Channel relay
Jumper Wires Set MM/FF/MF
Perfboard / prototype board for buttons (or just a Solderless BreadBoard)

Code Transmitter:

Code Receiver:

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