Arduino – NOKIA 5110 LCD MENU to control LEDS or RELAYS

Hello world! Long time ago! Im sorry.. busy days..

Today i made a Menu to control LEDS or RELAYS on a nokia 5110 LCD screen. You can use leds or relays no need to change the code, i added 2 Schematics 1 with leds and one with relays. Follow the next step for the schematics, Code & parts list!

You need these 2 Libraries:


Schematic for Relays:

Nokia 5110 lcd menu

Schematic for Leds:


Just wire it up like one of the schematics (depends on what you want to use), Leds? or Relays?… no need to change the code for this!

Parts list:

  • Arduino uno! I used the robotdyn Uno!
  • 3 relays KY-019 or 3 Leds.
  • Nokia 5110 LCD screen (Very cheap!)
  • 3 x Push Button
  • Jumper wire set
  • Breadboard (optional, you can solder something to if you like)
    Good luck! Check out our website!


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