Arduino – LOLshield V2 0 SMD Leds Make Your Own LOLSHIELD Effects!

Hello world! A friend of mine gave me this little NEW version of the LOL shield which has SMD leds. So i tested it and it doesn’t work any different then normal LOLshields. LOL shield stands for LOTS OF LEDS!, as you can see. They are pretty cool and can be used for many things! I will use it to display my house number 🙂


Create your own effects for LOLSHIELD. The ones in the video are made on that website! It is easy to do and you can download the pde file after designing your Effect!

Check out the following step for the code, and parts list.

Library can be found here! (Lol shield uses charlieplexing)


To add the LOLSHIELD to the arduino is very easy. Just plug it on top of the arduino, there is not much you can

do wrong about that, except bending the pins by accident.

Parts list:

1: Arduino uno or mega.
2: LOLSHIELD v.2.0 SMD or just the regular one.
3: LIBRARY (also includes example games and effects)
Good luck!

Don’t forget to make your own EFFECTS on

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Download the example codes here:

EXAMPLE CODE: (scrolling text)

#include "Charliplexing.h"
#include "Myfont.h"

#include "Arduino.h"

  int leng=0; //provides the length of the char array
  unsigned char test[]="BLUECORE TECH HACK LAB \0"; //text has to end with '\0' !!!!!!

/* -----------------------------------------------------------------  */
/** MAIN program Setup
void setup()                    // run once, when the sketch starts
    for(int i=0; ; i++){ //get the length of the text

/* -----------------------------------------------------------------  */
/** MAIN program Loop

void loop()                     // run over and over again


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